Coming back from COVID

May 30, 2021 | Organization

What will life after COVID look like? Plan now for the lifestyle you imagine.

Slowly but surely the world is beginning to get back to some version of normal. We are all anxious to have some socialization, but we are all a little afraid of getting back to the crazy schedule we may have had and have enjoyed a little break.

As normal returns, it is important to begin to plan what you want your version of normal to look like. For many of us, it will look much different than the “old normal.” However, if we are not careful, we will quickly slip back into our old ways, living in chaos. So, before things get crazy again, take some time to decide what gets added back into your life.

Activities – You do not have to pick back up doing all you did prior to the shutdown. Consider what you missed most and add those back in. As for the things you didn’t miss much, maybe it’s time to let those go.

Stuff – During our time stuck at home, may people spent a lot of time decluttering and organizing because they were spending so much time at home and were unable to estate the clutter in their home. It is important not to get so busy that you left the clutter creep back in. Schedule in time weekly or monthly to declutter and keep organizing system running smoothly.

We also may find we need to repurpose our spaces. With changes in the way we worked and did school, most of us had to find space in our houses for work and school. We may have desks stuffed in every corner possible to make space for everyone to have a private space. This may no longer be necessary, so as you no longer need these spaces begin to let go of those spaces and regain that space for your new lifestyle.


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