Kitchen Organization

Sep 30, 2020 | Organization

Kitchens can easily become cluttered messes that make it hard to function and simple meals can take twice as long to prepare. Many times, our cabinets and drawers are filled with things that promised to make our cooking easier and tastier. We hold onto them in hopes that ones they will fulfil the empty promises. So, it is time to get ruthless in the kitchen so that we can create a space that makes cooking fun again.

PURGE – Go thru each cabinet and drawers – donate or throw out anything that is no longer useful to you.

ORGANIZE – Put like items together near the area in which the item is used. Avoid overcrowding spaces.

CONTAIN – Make sure drawers have containers to section off the space and use contains for small items on shelves like spices.

MAINTAIN – Do dishes immediately after each mean and put the dry dishes away before you do more dishes. Make sure things find their way to their proper home.


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