Aug 31, 2020 | Hoarding Assistance, Organization

Things have changed a lot in the 18 years we have been helping hoarders regain their lives. Initially, it was not recognized or understood by the American Psychiatric Association, but we have come a long way. Many councilors are trained in helping clients deal with the underlying psychological issues and hoarders are being understood, but it is still important to have hands on help to get thru the physical clutter.

This video explains clearly all that has been discovered about hoarding disorders and if very good for anyone struggling with clutter themselves or has a love one with a hoarding disorder.

This month, in our Second Tuesday Facebook Live presentation we will be discussing how to approach hoarding behavior and help yourself or your loved one make lasting changes that will allow them to get their physical space, emotional health, and social life back. We hope you will join us. CLICK HERE for event information.

Make sure you also catch Heather and Mary Jo from our staff on the final episode of the Hoarder’s Show on A & E, September 14, 2020 at 8:00 P.M. We will also post a link to the rebroadcast on our website after the episode airs. CLICK HERE to find that link. If you go on now you can catch the episode Cathy and Patti did in Season 8.