Lighten the Load Before You Move

Jun 30, 2019 | Relocation

Taking the time to declutter before you move saves time, money and hassle.

Before you begin packing, it is important to make sure all items you no longer need are removed from your home. This will not only save you money on your move but may increase the value of your house and make your move easier. Did you know a decluttered house sells faster and for more money? It will the best way to ensure that your new home is clutter-free and organized.

  • Equip Yourself. Grab some used boxes and trash bags to hold what you no longer need. Put fragile donations in used boxes and use two different types of trash bags to distinguish soft items that to be donated from trash.
  • Remove What You Don’t Need. Look at this as the reverse of shopping trip through your home. Go room by room in a systematic way. Pull out what you no longer need or would not buy if you were shopping for your new house.
  • Get it Out. After you finish up a room, take trash out and haul donations either to the car to be dropped off or in a staging area to be picked up. You may want to hold onto furniture items you won’t need until after the house sells if they need to be used for staging.
  • Get back to it. Get a drink of water and a snack before you go to the next room to do the same thing until the entire house is done.
  • Make the House Stand Out. Rearrange things in the home in a way that highlights the features of the home to keep buyer’s attention if you are selling your home.
  • Make the House Sparkle. Clean or arrange to have the home cleaned from top to bottom. Clean the interior, exterior and especially windows. Buyers don’t want to look through dirt to see the home.

Whether you are moving to a smaller space or a larger one, getting rid of what you no longer need will save you lots of time and money and give you an organized start in your new home.

Overwhelmed? We can help! We offer sorting and staging help as well as packing, moving and unpacking. We can also refer you to any resources you need to get your home in tip top shape. Call us to receive a free move plan that fits your needs and budget! (909)307-4862