Get Your Home Ready For Summer Fun!

May 31, 2019 | Organization

Have you always wanted to host a gathering with friends or family, but clutter keeps you from inviting people into your home? Here are some simple steps to get your home ready for some summer fun!

  • Interior
    • Go room by room decluttering.
    • Give everything a thorough cleaning.
    • Freshen up décor by moving things around or bringing in a few new items.
  • Exterior
    • Clean the exterior of the home, deck/patio and windows.
    • Freshen up any patio furniture by cleaning furniture and cushions.
    • Tend the landscape by clearing weeds, filling in with color and finishing things off with fresh mulch.

Gatherings don’t have to be stressful and your house doesn’t have to be perfect. Setting a date for the gathering will give you motivation to accomplish your tasks. Keep it simple by having guest bring a dish and using disposable plates, cups and utensils so that you and your family can enjoy the event rather than working the entire time. Need a little help? We are glad to help you declutter and get your home guest ready.

We can even make recommendations for other services you may need like cleaning, landscape, etc. Call today to find out how we can help. (909)307-4862.