Organize Your Guest Bathroom

Jan 26, 2017 | Organization, Uncategorized

If you only have one bathroom, lucky you! You have one less place to organize. But if you have kids or are used to entertaining guests, that extra bathroom is a necessity. Keeping it de-cluttered will help keep it clean and fresh for whoever is using it.

PURGE – Go through each item in every cabinet and drawer, and get rid of any out of

Organize your master bath

date medicines and products you won’t use. Don’t forget surface areas as well! If your kids or spouse use the bathroom regularly, have them go through items with you.

ORGANIZE – Think of this bathroom’s function and purpose. Is it for your kids, guests, or your spouse? Clarifying its purpose will dictate how this bathroom is organized. Use baskets or bins you already have around your house to organize items, and drawer dividers for smaller items. Store your containers of choice out of sight below the sink. If guests are mainly using this space, only keep items they’ll find useful on hand, like soap, clean towels, and extra toiletries. Try to keep some empty space for their items as well.
MAINTAIN – As always, putting items back in their proper areas after each use is key to maintaining the order you’ve created. If this bathroom is for your child or children, you’ll need to give them frequent reminders to keep this area de-cluttered. Not only will these reminders lessen your workload, they’ll also help them form important, lifelong organizational habits.