Organize Your Linen Closet

Feb 3, 2017 | Organization, Uncategorized

Do you have more linens than you’ll ever use? Many of us have this same problem, causing our linen storage areas to get cluttered and disorganized. Finding what you need becomes an impossible chore, generating frustrating and wasting time. Let’s banish these everyday woes and make changing the sheets a more bearable task again!
PURGE – Grab a large garbage bag or two in which you can put sheets you want to donate. Then pull out all of your linens, and separate them one by one into two piles – Those you’ll use and those you won’t use. Any sheets and linens can be thrown into the donation pile, no matter what their condition is like. Items that are too worn or old for donation centers are often sent to animal shelters and used for animal bedding.
ORGANIZE – Place similar items together – For instance, place towels on one shelf, sheets on another, and blankets on another. Organize each type of linen by size as well. Neatly fold each item in order to maximize space. You may even consider labeling the shelves so you don’t forget where to put an item each time you do laundry.
MAINTAIN – Each time you do laundry, make sure each item is neatly folded and put away in its proper place. Never let baskets of clean linens sit for too long; Instead, take the next step and put them away immediately.
We hope we’ve helped you de-clutter and organize your laundry and linen areas this week! Don’t forget to post photos of your newly organized spaces on Twitterusing the hashtag #SimplifyIn40Days, and on our Facebook page.
Happy organizing!