Local Organizing Company Featured on Popular TV Show, Hoarders

Nov 28, 2015 | Organization

REDLANDS, Calif. – Nov. 17, 2015 – 

You may have heard of Kathy Bates or seen her on screen in Misery, but this time a different Cathy Bates is stealing the spotlight. Last weekend Cathy Bates, owner of Redlands-based organizing company Practical Solutions, was featured on a taping of Hoarders, a popular A&E original show that helps people who chronically struggle with disorganization. The taping will air in March on Lifetime as the show’s season finale.

During the taping Bates, along with Practical Solutions organizer Patii Eickhoff, assisted show host Matt Paxton clear clutter for a family who’s struggled with hoarding for years.

This type of work is nothing out of the ordinary for Bates, who has been helping the local community get organized since 2003. Her clients range from slightly disorganized people to hoarders.

“When I first started, there weren’t any shows on hoarding, and it wasn’t even recognized by the psychological community as a true disorder,” she said.

First defined as a mental disorder by the American Psychiatric Society in 2013, hoarding is characterized by a persistent difficulty discarding or parting with possessions. This chronic behavior often yields severe emotional, financial, social, and physical consequences for the sufferer and their family.

Although the show was filmed in about three days, Bates said in reality helping hoarders get organized often takes months or even years. Typically, clients are encouraged to work at a comfortable pace, and implement incremental changes into their habits and lifestyle.

Eickhoff, who has been professionally organizing throughout Southern California for seven years, noted that having a bigger support team enabled them to work more quickly than usual.

“This was the easiest hoarding job we have done because of the support of the Service Master crew, and because the client was ready for a life change,” said. “We are used to doing all of the heavy lifting as well as the sorting, but with their team behind us we barely lifted a finger, so we could concentrate on sorting with the client.”

Bates said that her Redlands-based team, albeit smaller than the TV support crew, also takes on challenging projects with aplomb.

“The ladies at Practical Solutions are the hardest working group of ladies you will ever meet,” she said. “Ask anyone who they have organized or moved. One client told me, ‘I’ve never seen anyone work harder than this crew, yet they are always looking out for my emotional needs and helping me through the hurdles I face.’”

Ultimately, Bates said the biggest reward to both the Hoarders taping and the everyday organizing jobs she and her team tackle is the same – That is, witnessing the impact that letting go of unneeded possessions has on a client’s life.

“Lives are changed when clients finally let go of the clutter, whether it takes three days or three years,” she said, “and make room for important relationships and experiences that last a lifetime.”

Stay tuned for more information on the season finale of Hoarders! In the meantime, learn more about Practical Solutions at www.psorganizing.com. They offer free consultations and always treat clients with care and respect.