Gifts that Keep Giving

Nov 28, 2015 | Organization

I was so blessed to have my two college age kids home for Thanksgiving. We had such a nice time making memories and enjoying time together. On the afternoon of Black Friday, we were getting a little cabin fever so we decided to brave the crowds and hit a couple of stores to look for some some necessaries items like shoes and coats we felt we could get a good deal on. It didn’t take long for us to realize that Black Friday was not for us. Waiting in line for a hour to save a couple of bucks wasn’t our idea of fun.

When we got home, my 18 year old son said “we really don’t need anything and I would rather just spend time together when I come home for Christmas rather than getting presents.” My 20 year old daughter decided she would like the family to serve together at the homeless shelter rather than getting stuff. These are the things that will be remembered and make a lasting impact.

This holiday season, I encourage you to spend less time in stores and more time making memories. Here are some ideas of gifts that don’t contribute to the clutter problem and will be treasured for a lifetime…

  • Serve together at a local charity together.
  • Donate to the recipient’s favorite charity in their honor.
  • Buy tickets to an event like a sporting event or concert and go together.
  • Purchase season tickets or a membership for a year’s worth of fun.
  • Learn together by signing up for a class or workshop.
  • Give a restaurant gift card to their favorite dining spot.
  • Buy a subscription to a magazine they would enjoy.
This year give the gift that keeps giving.