I’ve been successfully using the services of Practical Solutions for many years to organize the home of my elderly parents, which had become a huge problem in a house that had accumulated more than 40 years of clutter.   Before starting the organizing, I was very stressed and depressed about the size of the job and the amount of work that would be involved, since I knew that there was no easy or quick solution because my parents didn’t want to simply get rid of everything.  To say that the task was daunting would be a massive understatement, since it involved going through rooms filled with thousands of items that needed to be sorted out individually.

It was also too big of a job to do all at once for my parents, since making decisions about what stays or goes was always a problem for them, so I arranged a regular weekly organizing visit so that the process didn’t become overwhelming.   Although this isn’t the fastest method to organize, it’s what I knew was necessary to eventually get the process done right without excessive stress.  Cathy and Patti were able to work within my requirements and they did a great job.  They were reliable, showed up on time as scheduled, and worked quickly and efficiently to complete the job.   It was a huge relief for me to get this major problem solved.  This literally proved to be a lifesaving venture when my mother experience a stroke later on, since it allowed me to care for her at home instead of using a long-term nursing home.  It would have been impossible to care for her amidst the clutter that previously existed.  Organizing the home has also prevented them from receiving injuries due to tripping over stuff, which regularly happened before this was done.  Hiring Practical Solutions was one of the best decisions I made to prepare for the long-term care of my family and I don’t even want to think about what would have happened if I hadn’t done this.