Home Organization Videos

Learn how to organize the different spaces in your home to live a healthy life.


General Kitchen Organization

Organizing Your Kitchen Pantry

Organizing A Pantry

Organizing Utensil Drawers

Organizing Drawers and Pullouts in Cabinets

Organizing Kitchen Cabinets

Organizing Under the Kitchen Sink

Organizing Kitchen Countertops

Organizing A Dishwasher

Keeping Up With Doing the Dishes

Organizing The Refrigerator


Bathroom Organization

Simplify Your Home Challenge – February 2nd Bathrooms

Organizing Bathroom Cabinets and Drawers

An organized bathroom can make getting ready easier and faster. Baskets help keep the space under the sink organized and the surfaces clear.

Tub and Shower Organizing

Shower organizers help make a shower or tub more functional and easier to clean. Also, learn a trick to making suction cups work on any surface!

Garage & Laundry

Garage Organization

Is your car sitting in the driveway because your garage is full of junk? Learn how to clear the clutter and make room for what is worth protecting.

Organizing A Laundry Room

All laundry rooms all different, but in order to spend less time doing the dreaded task of laundry, it is important to have an organized laundry room with all of the supplies you need at your fingertips.

Doing the Dreaded Task of Laundry

Laundry is a never ending task in most families and we struggle with how to keep our heads above water. Developing a system for doing laundry can make the tack less overwhelming and keep your kids from running around asking if they have clean underwear

Garage & Laundry Room Organization

Simplify Your Home Challenge – January 5th Garage & Laundry

Get Your Closet Organized

Learn how to clear closet clutter and organize it so that it stays clutter-free!

Organizing A Coat Closet

The coat closet tends to be a catch all. Learn how to make the space functional again, but watch out as you open the door. Could be dangerous!


Organizing For Student Success

As we go into our third year of interrupted education now more than ever it is important that we give our students every opportunity to succeed.

Simplify Your Paper

Now that you are home more and saving time on your commute, it is time to tackle those piles of paperwork that you have been meaning to get around to. We will teach you what to keep and how to create a system for your paper that allows you to tame the paper tiger. Options for paper and paperless systems will be discussed.

Simplify Your Time

Learn how to take control of your time and be productive while working or schooling at home. Decide what you want to spend your time on and what activities you would rather not reintroduce. Most of all make sure to maintain control of your schedule.

Organizing Greeting Cards

Having your greeting cards organized in a file makes sending a card to someone easy and saves a trip to the store.

Enjoy the Benefits of Being Organized

A workshop to develop a plan to get organized in 2022!


Bringing Bliss Back In The Bedroom

Whether you are a busy mom, overworked professional or just old and tired, your bedroom should be a place to retreat, rest and possibly a little romance. However, it is easy for our bedrooms to become a catch-all because it is a space guests seldom see. We toss stuff in there and plan to deal with it later, right? This month let’s make our bedroom a priority!

Living Room

Living Simply Helps the Environment

Learn how living a simple lifestyle allows us to be better stewards of this beautiful world we have been given. You may surprise yourself at how little you need to live an abundant life!

Organizing Living Areas

Simplify Your Home Challenge – January 19th Living Areas

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