Date: March 25, 2017
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Location: Behind 246 South Willow Ave. Rialto, CA

We Will Take: 
Motor Oil and Oil Filters-Anti Freeze-Weed Killer and Fertilizers-Household Cleaners- Latex and Oil Based Paints- Wood Preservative-Paint Thinner- Car Polish/Wax-Furniture and Floor Polish-Auto and Household Batteries-Aerosol Paint-Medicines (Prescription and Over the Counter)-Pesticides-Cosmetics/Nail Polish Remover-Pet Care Products-Fluorescent Tubes and Bulbs-Sharps/Syringes (in approved sharps container only- free containers are available at our site during regular business hours)

We Cannot Take:
Waste from ANY business-Asbestos-Explosives-Ammunition-Radioactive Waste-Contaminated Medical Waste-Abandoned Waste-Televisions-Computer Monitors

Before transporting, be sure that:
– the waste is in the original container or is properly labeled for your safety and the safety of our workers
– the containers are not leaking and are sealed
– the total amount of waste does not exceed 15 gallons or 125 pounds (up to 20 gallons of used oil is allowed, but in containers no larger than 5 gallons)

* Save money and only buy the amount of product you need. If you can’t use the product up, give it to someone who will use it as intended.
* When possible, use less toxic alternatives to harsh cleaning chemicals.
* Never mix chemicals together.
* Keep the products in their original container – do not re-use food containers to store hazardous products.
* Store supplies in a safe spot in the garage or house to prevent accidental spills, poisoning, or explosions. Look around and see what could fall in an earthquake. Keep products away from heat sources.
* Dried paint and well drained containers are not considered hazardous and can be put in your trash (if you have any doubt – bring it to us!)