Taking Advantage of the Hot Housing Market

Jun 30, 2022 | Downsizing, Relocation

How to get your home on the market quickly

With the last rate hike by the Feds, we are already seeing a slight downturn in the market. NOW is the time to list that house you have been wanting to sell. Sometimes we are held up listing because we need to declutter and stage the house, it was our loved one’s home and needs to be sorted through and cleared or because we are just overwhelmed by the thought of moving. We can help!

We at Practical Solutions are equipped to help you over the hurdles that are keeping you from selling your home. Here are some videos to help you get equipped and motivated:

  • Decluttering and staging your homeCLICK HERE for our video to help you stage your home.
  • Clearing out a loved one’s homeCLICK HERE for a video on inheriting more than memories and how to deal with all you have been left.
  • Simplifying the moving process – CLICK HERE for a video on how to simplify the moving process and create a plan that works for you.

CLICK HERE for other downsizing and moving videos on our website.

Of course, the process can still be overwhelming so please call us to discuss a plan and how we can help. The sooner you can get your house on the market, the more profit you will receive. Having a little help will pay off in the end.

Call (909)307-4862 TODAY for a free consultation and plan for getting your house on the market quickly.