Living Simple Helps the Environment

Mar 31, 2022 | Organization

Simplifying not only helps us live a less stressful, more impactful life but also helps us life a more sustainable life.

Here are some ways to simplify and live a more sustainable lifestyle:

Simplify Your Belongings

    • Donate, throw away or recycle what you don’t need to clean the slate

Simplify Your Paper

  • Go paperless when you can
    • Unsubscribe to reduce the amount of paper coming in

Simplify Your Shopping

  • Only purchase things that you absolutely know you need
  • Choose quality over quantity
  • Use what you already have
  • Purchase local and fresh
  • Choose reusable over single-use items
    • Combine shopping trips to save time and fuel

Living a simple lifestyle allows us to be better stewards of this beautiful world we have been given. You may surprise yourself at how little you need to live an abundant life!

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Living Simply Helps the Environment


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