Organizing Photos

Feb 28, 2021 | Organization

Preserving our memories in photos

Last month we discussed organizing keepsakes. This month we want to talk specifically about organizing photos. We will address organizing physical photos as well as digitally storing photos. With that in mine, let us discuss some of the pros and cons to each.

Physically storing photos is much less labor intensive, though they take up much more space, are harder to share and there is a possibility that they will get damaged over the years or destruction in a major event.

Digitally storing photos takes up less room to store, allows you to easily share copies and maintains the condition of the photo. However, it can be VERY labor intensive.

So, think about which method fits your situation best and ALWAYS remember that you do not have to choose just one. You can create a hybrid system using both physical and digital storage or a system that is transitioning from physical to digital as you have time.

Please join us for our Facebook Live presentation on how to organize your photos on March 9, 2021 at 10:00 PST. See information below.

Organizing Photos FACEBOOK LIVE
March 9, 2021 at 10:00 PST

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