Stay at Home – When Work, School and Home Life Collides

Mar 28, 2020 | Organization

How to stay sane while all working under the same roof

This week our house has been a little chaotic. Me, my husband and our three adult children all working or doing schoolwork in our home. It has been interesting, and we have all learned to be more patient and respectful of one another’s work and space. I have also been talking to other families who have had to get creative to make it work and here is some of what I have learned.

  • Upgrade your internet. This can be done by simply logging in to your internet provider’s website or making a quick call. It will allow more devices to be working at once and handle the load that video meetings and streaming requires.
  • Set up workstations. For some homes that are sharing computers or tablets, they may need to have a few spaces in which family members can access online content or meetings. You may need to create a sign-up sheet so that you make sure everyone has access when they need it. For those who enough devices for everyone in the home, you will need to set up multiple workstations in spaces where they have the privacy needed for their meetings. This may mean setting up folding tables, working at dining room tables, setting up tray tables and chairs, working outside on patio tables or even setting up folding tables outside. My neighbors were all working in their front yard yesterday using folding tables and camp chairs.
  • Have portable offices. Put everything each person needs to do their work in a bin, basket or crate that can be pulled out when they need to work and put away after they are done working. I have noticed that with everyone working in the home, it is hard to keep the tranquil vibe in the home. Putting your work away helps signal, you are home and to let the fun begin.
  • Respect one another. Everyone is getting used to a new normal and is frustrated. Be patient with one another and know that nothing will be ideal during this time.
  • Create memories. This is such an unexpected time with families coming together. Cook together, go on walks around the neighborhood, or learn something new.
  • Remember those who may be lonely. Don’t forget that some of your neighbors may be alone during this time. Make a little extra when cooking dinner and take them over a plate. Sit in the yard and visit (6 feet apart). Give them a call when you are headed to the store to ask if they need anything.

As you adjust to the new normal, you may be realizing that you wish you were more organized. Maybe you see the background of your video call or maybe your house is just feeling a little crowded and wish you has less clutter.

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