Paper Management

Jan 10, 2020 | Organization

Taming the paper tiger will save you time and money

Paper chaos is one of the biggest organizing challenges clients face. It seems to breed while we aren’t looking. It’s hard to keep up with what is coming in and even harder when you get behind.

  • Reduce the amount of paper you receive.  
    • Choose paperless options on bills you don’t wish to receive by mail
  • Purge all unnecessary paper in your spaces
    • CLICK HERE for a printable record retention guideline and speak with your CPA to determine what you need to keep
    • Put on some good music, movie or a show and get to work sorting.
  • Organize the paper you decide to keep. This can be physical in a file cabinet or digital on a computer.

When you keep everything (just in case), it’s hard to find what you really need. It’s time to get ruthless and tame the paper tiger!

Join us for our Get Organized in 2020 workshop where we will talk about how to develop a paper management system that works for you.