Simple Ways to Take Control of Your Laundry and Linens

Feb 3, 2017 | Organization, Uncategorized

Happy February!

We’re kicking off the Simplify Challenge’s final week by helping you organize two areas that often go hand-in-hand – Your laundry room and linen closet. Although doing laundry might not be the most romantic of tasks, it is nonetheless a necessary one we often do for those we love. This utilitarian chore is much easier if your space is organized and de-cluttered. You’ll maximize your efficiency and also save time, meaning you’ll have more of it to spend with your loved ones this Valentine’s day and beyond!
As always, if you need help at any point during this process, feel free to contact us. We have a team of awesome professional organizers who are always happy to help!
Organize Your Laundry Room
Is your laundry room cluttered with things that don’t belong there? Clutter simply creates added stress to an often dreaded task, causing us to procrastinate while piles of dirty laundry build. This space should instead be functional and minimalistic, making it easier to focus on decreasing those dirty piles. Let’s get to work!
PURGE – Get out a trash bag and boxes in which you can place items that don’t belong in the laundry room. Sort through each item in the room individually, placing items you want to donate, or those that belong in another part of the house, in the boxes. Next, put items that belong in another part of the house away in their proper places. Get rid of anything you know you won’t use. Old cleaning supplies can be dropped off at a hazardous waste collection site; Call your city to find out where the closest site is located.
ORGANIZE – Organize cleaning supplies by category on shelves or in cabinets. Keep those you use more often in easy to reach spots, and those you use less often in harder to reach areas. Also, keep cleaning supplies used for laundry close to where they’ll be used – so detergent, softeners, and bleach should go above the washer, and dryer sheets above the dryer, etc. If you store mops and brooms in this room, save space by hanging them on the wall and off of the ground.

MAINTAIN – Each time you use an item, put it back in its proper space. It’ll be easier to find and help ensure the room stays clutter-free!