Simple Ways to Organize Your Bathroom

Jan 26, 2017 | Organization, Uncategorized

Whether you have several luxuriously large bathrooms, or just a single, small one, these spaces are often less than the tranquil places they should be. Too often, our bathrooms instead hold cluttered jumbles of makeup and medicines well past their expiration dates, an excess of hair products, and stacks of towels crammed into limited storage space. That’s why for week five of our Simplify Challenge, we’re going to help you de-clutter and streamline your bathrooms, transforming them into tranquil, inspiring places to begin and end your day.
As always, if you need help at any point during this process, feel free to contact us. We have a team of awesome professional organizers who are always happy to help!
Organize Your Master Bathroom

The master bathroom is likely where you spend most of your time getting ready for the day ahead.

Clutter and disorganization have a tendency to become overwhelming here, making your routine longer and more frustrating. Let’s de-clutter and organize to add functionality to this space and save you time and energy for whatever your day holds!

PURGE – We all purchase items we think are going to solve all of our beauty dilemmas. However, these products are often worthless. We hold on to them because they were too expensive to just throw away, even if they don’t work. But if you haven’t used these products in months or years, it’s time to let them go and use that valuable space for products you do use on a daily basis. Get out your trash bag and go through every item individually, being honest with yourself about what you use and don’t use. Check for expired medicines and get rid of those, too.
ORGANIZE – Maximize your space by using size-appropriate containers to organize, store, and separate the goods you’ve decided to keep. Group items by category (for instance, hair products go with other hair products), or by when you or your spouse uses them. Use baskets or bins you already have around your house to organize items, and drawer dividers for smaller items like makeup, nail polish, and whatever else you need at your fingerprints while getting ready. You may also want install a shelf to store larger items like towels. In addition to organizing, the main goal here is to clear surfaces so that the bathroom is easy to clean and use daily.
MAINTAIN – Keeping items in storage bins and baskets will make it easier for you to maintain order in your bathroom. As always, the key is putting items back after you use them. Taking the extra step to put items in their proper places rather than setting them on the counter top will keep your area functional and clean, ultimately saving you time and energy.