How to Organize Your Kitchen Drawers

Jan 5, 2017 | Organization, Uncategorized

Are you tired of rummaging through your drawers? Usually certain items don’t belong there, creating clutter and causing frustration. Cut back on the time and emotional energy it takes for you to find something by cleaning out your kitchen drawers.
PURGE – Clear out any items that don’t belong in the kitchen drawers. Limit yourself to one junk drawer, and don’t let the rest become a go-to place to put disorganized clutter that’s on your countertop. Also, remove any items that you no longer use and place them in a box to be donated or sold.
CLEAN – After you’ve removed all the items from your drawers, wipe them out with a clean washcloth.
ORGANIZE – Categorize items by function before putting them back in drawers. Place cooking utensils near the stove, dish towels near the sink, and flatware between the dishwasher and table. Some drawers may need dividers or containers to streamline functionality and efficiency.
MAINTAIN – Make sure to always put back items in their correct space as soon as you’re done using and cleaning them, and straighten them from time to time so they don’t become jumbled and disorganized.