A Step-by-Step Guide to Organizing your Bedroom

Jan 19, 2017 | Organization, Uncategorized

Clothes all over the floor, magazines sliding out of their tidy stacks and into slippery piles, unused gifts from the holidays still in boxes littering the perimeter of the room … Does this sound like your bedroom right now? Maybe this week (or month, or year) has just been way too crazy to give much attention to the clutter that’s slowly building around you. But your bedroom should be a retreat of sorts, a place of rest and respite that somehow squeezes itself between the margins of your crammed schedule. That’s why for week four of our Simplify Challenge, we want to help you reclaim this sacred space in just a few simple steps.

As always, if you need help at any point during this process, feel free tocontact us. We have a team of awesome professional organizerswho are always happy to help!
Organize Your Floor Space and Furniture Surfaces

Maybe your floor is littered with so much clutter you can’t even remember what color the carpet is. Maybe you’re just tired of tripping over the books that constantly find their way off the bookshelf. Whatever the case may be, we’re going to tackle the clutter that won’t stop hanging out on your floor in three simple strategies: PURGE, ORGANIZE, and MAINTAIN.
PURGE – Get two boxes in which you can put things you want to donate or sell, as well as two trash bags for things you need to throw away or recycle. Next, go through each item in your room individually, beginning at the doorway. Ask yourself – Do you really need this item? Does it make you happy? Is it something you want to look at every day? If you answer no to more than one of these, consider getting rid of it.
ORGANIZE – Now that you’ve downsized, it’s time to organize and repurpose the items that will enrich your life and make your bedroom a happier and healthier place. Put back only your favorite decorative pieces and functional items. To get an even more streamlined, de-cluttered look, you should also re-think your storage space. Try installing under-the-bed storage organizers, for example. This under-utilized space could be perfect for things you need but don’t necessarily use every day, like extra linens, blankets, or workout gear. You could also try replacing a side table with an attractive vintage trunk, which will both look unique and create additional storage space.
MAINTAIN – Having a place for every item in the bedroom, and putting each item back in its designated space daily, is key to keeping a stress-free atmosphere. Also consider investing in organizational tools like drawer dividers so you’re not tempted to dump everything from your pockets into the nightstand at the end of the day.