We Receive So Much More When We Give

Jan 29, 2016 | Organization, Uncategorized

During our Simplify Challenge Workshops we talked about how to replace behaviors that bring us a quick high, but lead to accumulation (shopping, collection, dumpster diving, etc) with behaviors that bring real, lasting joy (giving of time and resources).

I was asked by a friend to host some orphans from Ethiopia and India who were on tour to help raise awareness for the needs of orphans in other countries. I intended to help them, but instead I was the one who received the blessing. All of these children had lost one or both of their parents and most had suffered abuse, hunger, disease and things we can never imagine yet they had joy. Somehow instead of caring for them, they encouraged our family. I have never had so many hugs in one 24 hour period!

Next time you feel like going shopping, instead research something you have a passion for and give of your time or resources to help those in need. It will bring lasting joy and not give you a thing to organize.

Helen, MSA, Davida, and Laia are from India. Biruk is from Ethiopia and Sam, one of the leaders, is from Upstate New York. To check out their organization go to www.hislittlefeet.org.