How to Organize Your Kitchen Countertops

Jan 15, 2016 | Organization, Uncategorized

Often one the first places clutter accumulates is the kitchen countertops, making the environment feel chaotic and unmanageable. Reclaim your space simply by organizing and finding new homes for items you rarely use. 
    PURGE – Grab a trash can and recycling bin. You may also want to find some boxes in which you can drop items that don’t belong in the kitchen, items you want to donate, and assorted papers you find. Start sorting items into these boxes until the countertops are clear from clutter.
    CLEAN – When your countertops are clutter-free, wipe them down with a clean washcloth.
    ORGANIZE – Keep only what you use frequently on the counter surfaces – The rest can go in one of your designated boxes. Items that you use infrequently can be stored in the cabinets or another storage area in your home, like a shelf in the garage. If papers tend to accumulate on your countertop, set up a nearby mail processing center that includes a shredder, recycling bin, and filing system. Clearly label your files into actionable items such as “to do,” “to file,” “to call,” “offers to consider,” etc. This filing system will most likely save you a lot of time, and lessen your late bills and feelings of frustration.
    MAINTAIN – The key to taming the paper tiger is to make sure you deal with it daily before it gets overwhelming – Three papers are always easier to deal with than thirty. Make it a habit to keep your surfaces clear and clean on a daily basis.