Finding the Kitchen Table in a Busy Home

Jul 30, 2015 | Organization

Clutter seems to come into our home at such a rapid pace. When we get busy with work, family or just trying to manage life clutter can quickly and easily take over.

While helping a busy family regain control of their house, we decided to take advantage of a summer day where the kids were home from school and put them to work. Everyone was working on a corner of the room, clearing clutter while finding lost items they had been looking for in the dining room/living room. The daughter, who can not remember seeing the surface of the dining room table or eating a meal with her family there, came in as we were finishing up and excitedly said “Mom, that looks great. Can we actually eat dinner on that table tonight?” The family sat down to a meal at their dining room table that evening.

These are the moments that make all of the hard work worthwhile!

Want to bring back the family meal to your table? We would love the privilege of helping you clear the clutter and bring the fun back to your table.