Holding onto Treasures

May 9, 2015 | Organization

What are you holding onto that is hard to let go of?

I recently visited my parents in Orlando while at a conference. I was staying in my childhood room and in the closet was a box labeled “Cathy’s Horses” (my mom is more organized than I am). I asked her why she still had those and she said “because they are yours and they are worth something.” As sweet as she was to store them for me, I hated that she was feeling responsible for my things. After all, I am encouraging her to simplify!

I didn’t think they were worth much, but I decided to check it out. I went on eBay and there were tons of Breyer Horses out there, most of which were not selling and if they did sell it was for a couple of dollars. I decided to take a picture, ask my daughter if she wanted anymore (she has picked out some for herself in the past) and put them in a box to donate. I took them straight to the donation center along with some other things my mom and I had sorted out while I was there.

It was sad getting rid of that collection that I loved so much. However, I did not need them any longer and I just imagined a little girl who loves horses like I did as a child walking in the thrift store excited about the treasure she had found. They are much better in her hands than in my mom’s closet.

What are you holding onto that you need to let go of. Think it’s worth something? Check it out to see if it is. If it is, you may want to sell it and pocket the cash while it is still worth something. If not, you may be discouraged but at least now you know. If you no longer want it, pass it along to someone who will enjoy it.