Good Enough! A Story of One Who Overcame Perfectionism

Mar 17, 2015 | Organization

We last spoke about how perfectionism can hold us back from accomplishing all we would like. We had been working with a client who is in her late 70’s and battles perfectionism and Attention Deficit Disorder. She has researched her entire career to write a book, but hasn’t written a page yet because there’s always more to read and study in preparation for writing. When working in her office, we were able to clear the clutter and create a space where she can focus on her work. We also taught her the concept we teach many of our clients — “Good Enough.” Perfectionists are hung up on having to do everything perfectly and “Good Enough” teaches them to do the best they possible can and get it done. Most importantly, they learn that things do not have to be perfect.

A week after our session, she shared with me that she had begun writing her book. She had the chapters mapped out and reorganized her research by chapter so that the writing would be easy. She is finally empowered to write her book so that now she can share all of her life’s work with others. We are so excited for her and hope others will learn how to give up perfectionism and focus on reaching their goals.

We would love to hear your story about how you have overcome your organizing hurdles.