Conquering Clutter

Dec 30, 2014 | Organization

Clutter is a struggle for so many.  There are many reasons why it is so hard — we are too busy to deal with it and because it is an unpleasant task we can always find something better to do with our time, we can be overly sentimental making it hard to part with things, we may have physical limitations that keep us from being able to sort through and move items and sometimes there are deeper psychological issues that paralyze an individual when it comes to organizing.
Whatever your struggle, having a professional  organizer working with you helps the task seem less overwhelming.  Instead of walking into the space that needs to be organized and walking right back out because you don’t know where to begin, you have a support system to help walk you through the process, helping you over any hurdles you encounter along the way. 

The process includes sorting through items and eliminating anything you no longer need, setting up organizing systems that are personalized for the individual’s personality and physical abilities and teaching that person how to live in an organized way in order to maintain the order created.  Sometimes additional support is required to help the person stay on top of things.  In this instance the organizer would come in for maintenance sessions to help the client stay on top of things so that chaos never creeps back into their home.  Support is key to making a lasting change –someone to remind you of why you are doing this and push you to reach your organizing goals.